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Dialogue with Self... (English version of एक तरी ऋचा अंगीकारावी

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A journey to happiness! A human being spends more than 50% of the time in a dialogue with self! This self-dialogue has tremendous impact on one’s life and surroundings. It can make or break the life. This book helps you to exploit the power of self-dialogue for positive developments and happiness. This book acts as a co-passenger and more like a buddy in the journey of happy self-development. The book is based on Sanskrit psalm known as Shree Ganapati Atharvasheersh. It offers a crisp text for positive self-dialogue. It lists 42 competencies that each one of us have. Each chapter ends with a few questions for introspection. I have shared simple tricks and tips that have brought miraculous results for me. Those would be helpful to you too! Happy reading!! My best wishes for journey to happiness!!! J

The list of chapters

Echoes are guaranteed! 

Ownership – the only choice! 

The game of alertness!

Nurturing & fostering!

Perseverance – it matters!

Protecting the donor!

Donation- The symbiosis!

Learning – The base of life!

The Ladder of Wisdom©! 

The perceptions! 

Fear – The Killer! 

Artist – The sculpted! 

The reality of unreal! 

The tolerance! 

Correlation to decompose! 

The flexibility! 

The unresisted acceptance! 

Inclusively detached! 

The Balance! 

The foundation of existence! 

The drama company! 

Atharvasheersh Affirmations for self-dialogue 

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