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Ladder of Wisdom!

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We have learnt walking not by knowing the right things to do but by experiencing what goes wrong. And that going wrong tells us what is right!

Each one of us plays a role of a student as well as a master. A leader to his team members, a manager to her staff, parents to their kids, human resource professionals to their employees, learning & development professionals to their aspirants, trainers to their participants, counsellors to their clients, mentors to their mentees, act as masters.

Each one of us climbs the ‘Ladder of Wisdom© either knowingly or unknowingly, efficiently or less efficiently. It is a process of emergence of wisdom! Let us make this process more effective & contributory. These sessions help us in accelerating the process of emergence of wisdom! It helps us in making the journey happy and fun-filled.


What are the key topics?

The sessions elaborate …

1.     Characteristics (4) of unpromising students & need for eliminating them.

2.     Student’s reciprocation to master’s compassion

3.     Salient features (12) of University of life

4.     Verbal expressions (8) of evolving competencies

5.     Principles (2) of not offering the knowledge

6.     Detailed description of steps (7) of Ladder of Wisdom©.

7.     Concept of critical mistakes-based learning

8.     Aspects (7) of retrospection & introspection 

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