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Basket with Abridged Guide to PMBOK®

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 1.     Abridged Guide to PMBOK: [Paperback book]

PMP® ke sath bhi, PMP® ke baad bhi!

Abridged Guide to PMBOK® (ISBN: 978-1-64587-619-9) (paper-back copy) - is your buddy not only to clear the exam but to excel in Project Management. If you are preparing for PMP® examination or if you want to really understand project management concepts, then please do NOT read the PMBOK®. Shocked? Yes, it is true! Refer it! A good cook never reads the recipe book! A good cook refers! PMBOK® is a recipe book and hence a good PM will always refer to it. To refer means to seek help while doing! PMBOK® is an artefact that one needs to refer to before and even after the exam!  This book Abridged Guide to PMBOK® makes your study and implementation simpler and joyful.


Original Price Rs. 850/- [Discounted Price Rs. 663/- (22% discount)]

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2.     PMBOK® Tour with DG [43 minutes film]

DG revises the entire PMBOK® 6th edition in 43 minutes film. This movie takes the spectators through the jungle of PMBOK® safely and simply! It creates the map of the jungle of PMBOK ® so that one can safely have a safari any time through the book. It is SIMPLE! It describes a set of actions that a GOOD Project Manager should follow to reduce the frustration and to increase the fun! The movie ends with a PM Oath. This movie gives you a complete, comprehensive, & compact MINDMAP of the entire PMBOK®.  Watch it...enjoy it...& learn!!! Happy watching! :-)


Original Price Rs. 1200/- [ Discounted Price Rs. 207/- (82% discount)]

Note:  You will get 1 Week access to the videos


3.     Magic 29 [Video: DG explains 29 PMP® Questions]

PMP® Examination is neither difficult nor easy! It is practical. Solving PMP® Exam question is like a parachute jumping. One has to start looking at the area from few thousand feet and keep narrowing the focus on point of landing as you descend. While doing that one needs to eliminate unwarranted scenes out of sight. Preparation for the exam is all about the awareness and alertness about the situations. Each question in the exam is a situation. One has to decipher the situation and select the focal point of the incidence narrated. This set of videos make you aware and prepares you for the addressing the questions and selecting the right options.


Price Rs. 800/- [Discounted Price Rs. 100/- (87% discount)]

Note:  You will get 1 Week access to the videos




4.     PMP® Examination Refresher : [Coaching : 7Hrs]

Revise and revisit the entire PMBOK® Guide. This design will brings back the rhythm and accelerates your study for PMP Certification Exam to its completion. We will help you by offering, (1) 4 Hours of Refresher Training, (2) Abridged Guide to PMBOK®, (3) Online video -PMBOK® Tour with DG (4) Online Video- Magic-99 and (5)Post session 1 month support. Coaching can In-person/classroom OR One on one coaching OR Personal coaching over phone/Skype.


Price: Rs. 5770 [Discounted Price Rs. 3900 ( 32% discount)]

Note: Offer valid for limited period only

5. Add for better results,  Complete PMP Classroom Training (Details:

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