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Dhananjay Gokhale

Basket with Abridged Guide to PMBOK®

 1.     Abridged Guide to PMBOK: [Paperback book]PMP® ke sath bhi, PMP® ke ..

₹ 970.00

DG Interview

DG InterviewParag Mahajan interviews Dhananjay Gokhale – fondly known as DG who..

₹ 500.00

Dialogue with Self... (English version of एक तरी ऋचा अंगीकारावी

Click here to buy Marathi Version - एक तरी ऋचा अंगीकारावीA journey to happiness! A human being ..

₹ 375.00

DVD Dramatic World of PM 2017

7 industry teams, 102 participants, 265 plus audience, 19 volunteers, 3 judges, 2 PM juries, 2 back..

₹ 700.00

Effective Use of Microsoft Project

Effective Use of Microsoft ProjectCourse Details : Awareness – Interest – Enthusiasm – Use – Frustra..

₹ 8,700.00

Ek tari Rucha... (एक तरी ऋचा अंगीकारावी)

Click here to buy English version – “Dialogue with Self...”आजपर्यंत यातून जमा झालेली रक्कम  रु...

₹ 375.00

Gems of Atharvasheersh

What : The Theme?Balutedar, the word has history and aura! The real meaning is The Contributor..

₹ 1.00

Goshta Bhagwatgeetechi...

गीतेमधील संवादाकडे आपण दुर्लक्ष करतो, तेव्हा खरं तर आपण आपल्याकडेच दुर्लक्ष करतो. अर्जुनाचे प्रश्न..

₹ 750.00

Jewels of PML

Jewels of PML - Success Mantras of Leadership & ManagementDhananjay Gokhale, in the program of ..

₹ 4,200.00

Ladder of Wisdom!

We have learnt walking not by knowing the right things to do but by experiencing what goes wrong. ..

₹ 700.00

Life Lessons from Maestro’s

DVD + OnlineThis is new set of videos offered, there is lot to learn from these maven..

₹ 17,800.00

Personal Coaching: PMI ACP Examination Study Facilitation Workshop

Course Details : This course is aimed at facilitating the complete and comprehensive stud..

₹ 22,200.00

Personal Coaching: PMP Examination Study Facilitation Workshop

Course Details : This course is based on 6th EDITION of PMBOK and is aimed at facilitating the..

₹ 22,200.00


PMBOK® - A guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge, indeed a wonderful book published by PMI ..

₹ 2,500.00

PMI-ACP Agile Examination Study Facilitation Workshop

Course Details : This course is aimed at facilitating the complete and comprehensive studies necessa..

₹ 12,300.00

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