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Wonderland of PMO: What Works & What doesn’t

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PMO: A Wonderland - What works and what doesn't

The organization should NOT have a PMO! Got surprised with this lead-line? “How can we make the business more adaptive, responsive and thus more profitable in a rapidly changing multi-project environment?”

The contributory PMO asks and answers the above question. And hence the aspiration is that every individual in the organization should ask and answer this. This is the state where there is no need to have separate entity of PMO. Till then one must setup, and sustainably run the contributory PMO.

This learning intervention “PMO – What Works & What Doesn’t?” takes you along to practically appreciate the contribution of PMO. This learning intervention also throws a light on hurdles involved and suggests solutions in setting up & sustainably running the PMO in successful manner.

I have developed it based on my numerous assignments on PMO setup in last 17 years.

This is one of the bests offering that I have! It elaborates …

·       63 strings of PM,

·       12 characteristics of namesake & contributory PMO

·       11 functions of contributory PMO

·       50 parameters of PM competency assessment & development

·       9 issues that one needs to tackle while setting up a PMO

·       8 effective actions to set up the PMO

·       SMRMTM technique of review meeting


Please also check my online video course on the same topic.

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